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New Is Really Old and Being Rediscovered

Energy just is, and it's use for healing is centuries old. Reiki is a form of energy healing and is not associated with a particular religion. Energy healing is a birth right that even children can use. In the United States it is called one of the Complementary Health Modalities. It is complementary because it is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. However, it is excellent in conjunction with traditional treatments. We are rediscovering things our ancestors took for granted, and yet we think it's new. With medical discoveries these old methods were abandoned instead of being incorporated. This is changing.

We are blessed with medical science that has been miraculous. However as discoveries continue to be remarkable we still have old and new mysteries. No longer a mystery, it is acknowledged that stress can lead to illness. Eliminate stress and in many ways the body will heal it's self. At least it is always trying. Reiki reduces stress.

With the concern that over use of antibiotics is causing their loss of effectiveness, we need to assist our body to heal it's self whenever possible. Reiki is a way...

The New Mantra
"Treat body, mind and spirit"

Reiki - The New Mantra

Glenda D. Van Slyke Ph.D., CHt., Min.
Reiki Master Teacher

Crossville, Tennessee 38572
Telephone:  931.788.3494
E-Mail:  glenda@reiki-universe.com


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